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Archive for August, 2009

Yoddle! Aug 29

Yup I’m a Kruze Krazy Jewel fan! I recently fell in love with kruzin, but I’ve always loved Jewel. Me & my DH went on a kruze for our honeymoon back in 2004 and again this last May and now we’re addicted. I’m starting this blog not only to blog about my kruze experiences but also about all the research I do. I’m most familiar with kruzes out of Galveston since that is the only port I have sailed out of. I hope to be able to blog about all the research I do and all the little fact-oids I find, but also about what planning this wonderful type of vacation means to me and my life.

Welcome to Kruze Kraze Aug 27

Just firing up my new blog about Cruising on the deep blue seas. Stay tuned!

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