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Once a Year Blogger Jun 05

Ha maybe I should rename my blog Once a Year Blogger. Life has been crazy over the past year. We didn’t end up taking a cruise last year and actually cancelled one we had booked. Knowing what I had known now, I wish I hadn’t. Next time life will just have to work around vacation, lol. So anyway tell me, who’s cruised recently or is planning to cruise soon?

We are taking a cruise later this year. My in-laws are coming with us which is great. We have cruised with them before and will have a great time. It’s the same debate as always, which ship should we go on? We’ve narrowed down the week, itinerary & the departure port but we have the choice between Carnival Magic & Navigator of the Seas. We got an awesome deal with OBC with Carnival which makes Navigator about $1200 more for two similar cabins. See my dilemma now?!? Someone posted some really great pictures of Navigator online that I’ll link below. Every time I look at these I really start to wish we were going on the Navigator. Soooo don’t be surprised if my trip report includes a ship change.

Navigator Pics

*Photos credit to dlbdata on CruiseCritic.

But lets talk some more about the Carnival Magic. We sailed on her back in 2013 and while we had a good time, there were some things we didn’t care for. No cruise is going to be perfect but let me elaborate. First off, our cabin was hot – well warm, uncomfortably warm! Yes we complained and hoped they could fix it. They tried several times to no avail. They did bring us a box fan which was nice along with some drink coupons but we still couldn’t get comfortable. We have never had that problem on any other cruise before. We were disappointed in the food in the main dining room too. Our wait staff didn’t seem interested in providing much service which usually tends to be a highlight of our trip. The food on the lido was excellent at lunch but there weren’t nearly as many choices for dinner. So yes lunch was awesome! We loved the burrito bar & Cucina del Capitano! We ate there most days. The shows were lackluster but we did enjoy the comedy club even though it was packed! They should move their regular shows to the lounge and the comedy shows to the main theater. Everyone complains about this so I don’t see why they don’t try to fix it. I did however really enjoy the spa and got a spa pass. I don’t need a cruise, just one of those hot tiled loungers. So yes we did enjoy the cruise but it wasn’t as good as past cruises.

Back in 2010 we sailed on Voyager of the Seas which is a sister ship to Navigator of the Seas. It is an absolutely beautiful ship! The Carnival Magic just doesn’t compare in it’s decor and art work, no way! We really enjoyed the main stage shows, ice shows and parade on the promenade. John Rockets is always good and they have some good specialty restaurants. Navigator was refurbished last year and a few more restaurants were added: Sabor, Izumi, Giovanni’s Table & the steak house. Carnival has an Italian restaurant and a steak house as well. I haven’t tried any of Royal Caribbean’s specialty restaurants but we have been to both on Carnival which were good. These restaurants do cost extra though. Royal Caribbean has better live music: muli-musician acts & less djs. I love to layout on a sea day and listen to the Caribbean steel band. On Carnival they play loud pop music which is fine but just not same. I really feel like it’s a toss up between the two and the price difference makes it hard to chose the Navigator.

Does anyone have an opinion on Montego Bay vs Falmouth in Jamaica? I know a lot of people don’t like Jamaica but if you had to chose, which would you chose and why?

I have some time before final payment is due to decide, so we’ll see which one I chose. If Royal Caribbean has a good sale and narrows the gab in price difference I’m sure I’ll switch but we’ll see.

I’ll post another blog soon about recent cruise news, but that’s it for now. If anyone has anything to add or suggest regarding these choices please leave your comments below.