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8 days and counting! Dec 19

Finally in the getting ready stages for our New Years cruise that sails next weekend! It’s too cold here to think about warm weather clothes though :-p We’ve decided not to go as formal this time, so that we can take smaller luggage. We’re just not sure we’re gonna have room for our snorkel gear. We may have to strap it to the outside of the bag since we’re planning to carry on. Neways, I’ve been in hybernation mode and feel a bit awkward in shorts and tshirts. It will be hard to resist all the Christmas goodies this week to make sure I’m not too bloated and fat feeling for my skimpier clothes. I need to save all my eating for the cruise. I didn’t stuff myself quite as silly as I did on our cruise in May. I skip the buffet at lunch and have a sandwich or go by the salad bar. Limiting my trips to the pizza bar will be the trick. I’m usually too full by dinner to eat much even though the waiter usually insists I order all the courses. We’re definately going to the Supper Club this time. I have to have that lobster – yum!!! I need to go to Party City to get our door decorations. On top of getting ready for the cruise, I have to make 2 cheese balls and 2 batches of fudge tomorrow. Hopefully I’ll get up before 7 tomorrow morning to see the ships come in on the webcam, but we’ll see I have yet to get up early enough…

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